Thursday, June 30, 2011

PT Mitra International Resources - suffered a net loss of Rp2, 11 trillion

Transport company PT Mitra International Resources in the last year suffered a net loss of Rp2, 11 trillion, compared with conditions in 2009 improved net loss of Rp2, 83 trillion. From the company's 2010 financial report released in Indonesia Stock Exchange, the company recorded operating income of Rp375, 31 billion, down 33.14% compared to the previous Rp561, 37 billion.

The Issuer coded MIRA effect throughout 2010 also recorded a decline in revenue of 17.34% to Rp2, 24 trillion, from 2009 the income of Rp2, 71 trillion.

Meanwhile, the loss per share in last year Partner Resources amounting to Rp532, 75, improved from 2009 to Rp714, 73.

This afternoon, Partner Resources withdraws general meeting of shareholders (AGM) until July 29, 2011. In the second session of trading at the Indonesia Stock Exchange today, shares of Partner Resources suspended because of the opinion did not provide income on the company's annual financial statements of public accounting.

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