Sunday, July 10, 2011

IDX Will Call PT Mitra International Resources Tbk

Indonesia Stock Exchange plans to call the management of PT Mitra International Resources Tbk disclaimer opinion in order to explain the relevant audited financial statements 2010 of two subsidiary company

IDX Assessment Director Eddy Sugito said it will validate the information management company.

"Shares of the company's we stopped [the suspension] after the company declared a disclaimer, but now we've opened," he said

Previously Company Secretary International Partners said that the main cause Ima Kulata disclaimer opinion since the completion of Consolidated Financial Statements 2010 two subsidiaries of the company.

Two subsidiaries are domiciled in the Sabre Offshore Singapore Pte Ltd (SSI) and Sabre Offshore Marine Pte Ltd (SOM). With a disclaimer opinion on the financial statements the company in 2010, IDX perform temporary trading halt or suspension. "

By holding a public expose us hope incidental MIRA stock suspension can be re-opened negotiations in the marketplace, "he said recently

Other causes are management subsidiary, Sabre Systems International Holdings Pte Ltd, is still in the process of negotiating the loan facility are due and assessed raises uncertainty about the ability of subsidiaries to maintain their survival.

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