Friday, July 22, 2011

Intiland Development Tbk - Will Built 20 Whiz Hotel in The Next Two Year

Property company PT Intiland Development Tbk targets to realize the construction of 20 hotels Whiz in the next 2 years. Expansion to a two-star hotel business it was considered quite prospective. Hendro S. Gondokusumo, President Director and controlling shareholder Intiland, said along with it, after the construction of 60 hotel Intiland Whiz in the next 5 years.

"To sustain that expansion, typically 40% from internal funds and the remainder of the loan," he said according to the closing of the roof of a hospital or topping off the National Hospital in the commercial complex Graha Famili, Surabaya, this afternoon.

In the expansion into the hotel business, Intiland moving through PT Intiwhiz International, a subsidiary with 100% ownership.

Ndang Mulyadi, Executive Director Intiwhiz International, adding to the investment costs needed a hotel Whiz Rp50 billion. With an estimated investment cost of Rp50 billion per hotel, meaning Intiland require Rp1 trillion to realize the construction of 20 new hotels. "We have one hotel in Yogyakarta Whiz has been operating commercially. Rp290.000 Rates per night, was outside the high season," he said.

Monthly hotel occupancy rate reached 80%. Whiz International will open two new hotels in Semarang and Kuta, Bali, in November this year. According Ndang, Whiz will also build new hotels in Surabaya and Jakarta in 2012. "At first hotel in Surabaya is expected to be built this year, but postponed to next year because there is a change of location," he said.

Alluding to IPOs Whiz International, Ndang said the company estimates that the plan could be realized in 2013.

Meanwhile, PT Surabaya Medical Services, a subsidiary Intiland, Rp450 billion investment needed to build the National Hospital. Surabaya Medical is a joint venture between PT Grande Family View and PT Indah Palace Car Surabaya with their respective holdings by 50% The hospital is located in the commercial area Graha Famili, one Intiland projects with total area of ​​280 hectares and become one of the largest revenue contributor Intiland.
National Hospital was built on an area of ​​8530 square meters with a building height of 10 floors. The total building area of ​​the hospital reach 32,000 square meters.

Director of Medical Surabaya Surjanto Rudy said the hospital was targeted to operate on the quarter I/2012. He explained the hospital financing comes from bank loans and internal cash.

Managing Director of Grande Sinarto Intiland Dharmawan said, the hospital is expected to be a public referral center in eastern Indonesia.

Hendro Gondokusumo add Intiland exploring opportunities to develop some hospitals are concentrated more forward in a number of projects. At the end of March 2011, Hendro Gondokusumo control Intiland Development through Investment Truss Strands of 22.24% and 19.89% Investment Ltd for.

Intiland printing revenues net profit of Rp307 billion and Rp88 billion in the quarter I/2011. Issuer's property record revenue surge to Rp843 billion and net profit to Rp350 billion in revenue last year compared with a net profit of Rp387 billion and Rp26 billion

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