Sunday, July 3, 2011

Investor Aims on International Nickel Indonesia (INCO)

Based on Bloomberg data, the mining company was projecting sales until the end of this year amounted to U.S. $ 1,307 million and book value per share of 0.197. Operating profit is estimated to reach U.S. $ 594.647 million and profit before tax of U.S. $ 611 million.

Other financial indicators of the mining company was projecting a return on equity (ROE) was at the end of this year amounting to 24.283 and Return on Assets (ROA) of 18.58.

Inco produces nickel in matte, which are intermediate products, from ore lateritik in facilities integrated mining and processing in the near Sorowako, Sulawesi.

The entire production is sold under long term contracts denominated in U.S. dollars to the purification plant in Japan.

The number of workers who absorbed the mining company's 3136 employees and 3006 contract employees.

Inco shares listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange of 9,936,339 shares issued and fully paid. Vendor's shareholders is limited Vale Canada 58.73%, Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.., Ltd.., (20.09%) and public and other shareholders (21.18%).

Vale Canada Limited is a company which is a group effort Vale SA Base Metals Vale Canada Limited (Vale Canada), formerly Vale Inco Limited, unchanged since August 31, 2010.

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