Monday, July 11, 2011

PT Laguna Cipta Griya Tbk - Plan To Expand

Expansion plans to drive the stock superblock project property developer PT Laguna Cipta Griya Tbk closed bolted 22.58%, equivalent to a level of Rp76 Rp14 in trading today.

Stock with LCGP coded even penetrate its highest level in trading session one Rp82 . This is the biggest increase in four years, or rather since 4 September 2007.

Managing Asset Management Research Indosurya Reza Priyambada rate of expansion into the business news superblock into a positive sentiment for the company's stock movement today.

"Stocks LCGP today including actively traded stocks, but stocks are usually classified as shares that are not moving. Hearing the company's expansion plans, I believe the factor that is the positive sentiment," he said when contacted by Business Today.

Reza added in terms of financial performance, Laguna Cipta not a good performance record over the past year. That, he said can be seen from carrying the net loss was experienced by the company in 2010.

Over the past year, the company recorded revenues fell 9.83% to Rp11 billion from Rp12, 2 billion in 2009. As a result, the company suffered a net loss of Rp539, 38 billion.

During the quarter I/2011 company posted a revenue decline of up to 62.55% to Rp1,29 billion from Rp3,46 billion in the same period last year. Company's net profit also fell 98.15% to Rp30,04 million of previously Rp1,61 billion.

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