Sunday, July 10, 2011

PT Tunas Solution Pratama Will Release 17% Shares to Public

PT Tunas Solution Pratama, telecommunications tower company, plans IPO listed on the stock market in the quarter III/2011.

Director of Corporate Valuation Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Eddy Sugito said the company prepared to release 17% of the shares to the public through the mechanism of an IPO (initial public offering). "The number of shares that will be released approximately 100 million shares," he said last weekend.

Management appointed PT Ciptadana Securities as underwriters. Prior clearance from the IDX and then filed its IPO documents to the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency (Bapepam-​​LK).

In addition, Eddy said PT's Ark Commerce International, the oil industry services company supporting the offshore & gas, delay from the originally planned IPO in June 2011.

"Ark Commerce postpone the initial public offering because of several considerations that are part of strategic company," he said.

Commerce has appointed Erdika Ark Securities as underwriters. Commerce's Ark is a ship service company supporting the offshore oil and gas industry which was established in October 2006.

The Company has licensed to the service delivery of offshore oil and gas exploration, drilling and production activities. The license also for domestic and international shipping that allows the company to participate in the charter and operation of offshore supply vessels and anchor handling, storage tankers, tugs and barges for the delivery of coal, wood, aggregates, construction equipment, general cargo and tankers.

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