Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk - Gorgeous Performance


SSIA (closing price of Rp 385, - as 25 July 2011) is one of the issuer which is engaged in property and real estate. SSIA has a subsidiary, PT Surya Internusa Hotel is projected to begin running and expanding business enterprises in the hospitality sector.

SSIA is one stock that will be highly favored to be one of your investment alternatives for the years 2011 through 2012 or even during the performance is still showing improvement. In this sector, then we will compare the SSIA with other constructions such issuers PTPP, JKON, WIKA, and also TOTL. In the construction sector, which has only PTPP Debt to Equity ratio above 1, indicating that the sector as a whole has a good shape financially.

Excellence SSIA stand out in this sector with a net profit increase in 2010 amounting to Rp 115.588 billion compared to net income in 2009 is only Rp 17.598 billion. In 2011, SSIA will get a net income target of Rp 130 billion.

While in the QI-2011 alone, SSIA was able to record net income of Rp127, 866 billion, or jumped by 2897.6% over the first quarter of 2010, at which time the SSIA experienced a net loss of Rp 4.02 billion.

SSIA quarter net income in 2011 was clear I had exceeded the acquisition in 2010, amounting to Rp115, 6 billion and has even reached 78% of target net profit in 2011. SSIA total consolidated revenue reached Rp976, 7 billion jumped twice more, ie 200.2% over the first quarter of 2010, amounting to Rp325, 4 billion.

Earnings growth coupled with growth in revenue is a most important thing to be considered in analyzing the fundamentals of a company and the SSIA has fulfilled this. SSIA sales growth of 200.2% in QI mencaapi-2011 was well beyond competitors like WIKA (36.29%), PTPP (12.97%), JKON (-25.04%), TOTL (0.19%) .

When performance SSIA continue to be maintained properly or at least equal to the performance of the QI-2011, the net income SSIA in FY 2011 will reach Rp 469.9 billion, an increase of more than 300% compared to net income in 2010 of Rp 115.6 billion.

ROE (Return on Equity) SSIA in QI-2011 and reached 47.3%, or back to beat the competitors like WIKA (18.4%), PTPP (7.5%), JKON (3.2%), TOTL (19 , 1%). William O'Neill, an expert on world investment suggest that you only invest in stocks with the level of ROE above 20%.

PE / PBV analysis-based QI as 25 July 2011 closing price

SSIA (3.6 x / 1.7 x) WIKA (11.3 x / 2.0 x) TOTL (9.4 x / 1.6 x) JKON (105 x / 3.2 x) PTPP (40, 0x / 2.4 x). SSIA is the issuer of cheap valuations and profitability ratios also have a very very high.

Valuation SSIA until the end of 2011 was estimated to be an advanced still the cheapest in the sector. EPS (Earning Per Share) SSIA is expected to reach Rp 434.4, - / stocks in late 2011 making the current valuation SSIA in the PE ratio is only 0.84 for x. A PE numbers are very very low and rarely found in developed markets such as Indonesia.

BV (book value) SSIA at the end of 2011 is expected to reach Rp 248.57, - / stocks which also makes this SSIA valuation of PBV is 1.47 x. This outstanding performance is not surprising to attract foreign investors into this stock. Recorded since 1 January 2011-25 July 2011, Macquarie Securities has a lot 80.329 SSIA and JP Morgan have lots 52.497 SSIA.

Recommendation: BUY & INVEST

Short-term price target of Rp 415, - medium Rp 460, - and until the end of 2011 amounting to Rp 540, - / stocks. Buy Point: 375-385. Investor Risk & Stop Loss: 345

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