Monday, August 8, 2011

Asia Leisure Release Bukit Uluwatu Villa Tbk

PT Asia Leisure Network, the majority shareholder of PT Bukit Uluwatu Villa Limited, releasing 100 million shares, or 3.5% of its shares worth Rp40 billion to be repurchased.

"The transaction was made on 14 July," said Director of Leisure Asia Network Okie R. Lukita and Director of Bukit Uluwatu Frangkie Tjahyadikarta in two similar letters in the disclosure of information to the Indonesia Stock Exchange this afternoon.

But buyers are not described in the sales transaction. Bukit Uluwatu and Leisure Asia also does not indicate with certainty the nature of the transaction, entered into a sale & repurchase agreement (repo) or not.

As of the middle of this year, Network Leisure Asia holdings in Bukit Uluwatu reached 42.47%. Other investors are Archipelago Resorts and Hotels Limited 16.19%, PT Minna Padi Capital 10.02%, 31.32% public.

Stock prices are coded BUVA, Bukit Uluwatu was closed corrected Rp15 or 3.33% to as low as Rp435. Price formed a market capitalization of Rp1, 24 trillion in the stock price to earnings ratio of 14.82 times net.

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