Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chief Commissioner of PT Bayan Resources Tbk Sold Rp. 11,75 billion Shares

Dato Low Tuck Kwong, the controlling shareholder as well as chief commissioner of PT Bayan Resources Tbk, a small portion of its holdings as many as 54,000 shares in the issuer's mine.

In announcing the management of Bayan, the Indonesia Stock Exchange today, the sale of some shares was done at a price and time that varies with the total value of Rp11, 75 billion.

The announcement indicates the purchase was made ​​on July 25 until July 29. Details are as many as 91 000 on the purchase price Rp23.369 per share on July 25 and as many as 122 000 on the price Rp23.372 on July 26.

Subsequent sales on July 27 as many as 107 500 shares at prices Rp23.330, 126,000 shares at prices Rp23.282, as many as 57,500 in the price Rp23.299.

The sale was made ​​Low Tuck Kwong portion of ownership in the company was reduced slightly to 51.59%.

Low Tuck Kwong previously had a 51.66% stake, Enel Investment Holding BV 10%, Korea Electric Corporation Porwer 20%, 5.96% Engki Wibowo, Rozik B. Soetjipto 0.001%, Carlos Eizaguirre, 0.001%, and Jenny Quantero 2.98%.

Other shareholders is 0.17% Low Yi Ngo, Lim Chai Hock and Dynamic Resources Corp. 2.67%, 0.001% Soedjoko Tirto Soekotjo, Michale Sumarijanto 0.01%, 0.001% Djanadi Ben Carey, and Chin Wai Fong and Empire Management Corp. 1.6%.

Other investors are Alastair G.C. McLeod 0.01%, 0.01% Neil Russell, Kim Young Saeng 0.001%, and the public 12.38%.

Bayan-coded stock prices at the level BYAN Rp23.350. Price formed a market capitalization of 77.83 trillion and the ratio of stock price to net earnings (PER) of 50.21 times.

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