Monday, August 1, 2011

PT Kalbe Farma Tbk - Net Profit Grow 17%

Largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, recorded a net profit growth of 17% to Rp675 billion during the first half of 2011. Meanwhile, company sales grew 10% to Rp4, 95 trillion. Director and Corporate Secretary Kalbe Farma, Vidjongtius said an increase in sales driven by volume growth and rising prices.

"In addition, supported by the successful sale of a number of new products such as Fatigon Hydro, Tipco, Zee and wider distribution," he told Business, this morning.

He added that the financial statements will be published next week. This year, added Vidjongtius the management, targeting operating profit margin reached 17.5% -18.5%, stable compared to last year. "The stable operating profit margins will certainly bolstered the company's business efficiency and reduced raw material costs due to the strengthening of the rupiah," he said.

The Company is also seeking strategic partners both local and foreign investors following the expansion plans both domestically and abroad namely Southeast Asia, and Nigeria, Africa this year.

According to him, the amount of funds provided Rp500 billion to Rp1 trillion which derived from the company's internal cash. "There has been some interest. This as the company's efforts to increase revenue about 15% -18% this year," he said.

So far, according to him, the company has selected about 10 companies for takeover. The companies were based in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. However, he declined to name the company. "We are targeting acquisitions can be done this year," he said.

In addition to the acquisition, Kalbe, he explained, is also exploring joint ventures and mergers. Correspondingly, the company has established strategic investments unit. This, he added, as part of the plan strategy to increase productivity and effectiveness of the burden of production medium and long term marketing, as well as efforts to increase sustainable growth through the development of the business portfolio.

"With a healthy sales growth and supported by the overall cost efficiency, we believe Kalbe will be able to realize a net profit growth target for 2011 at around Rp155-Rp160 per share," he said.

In addition, the company will open several branches, issuing new products and also develop information technology systems.

Kalbe Farma plans to open branches in several regions outside Java, among others, Central Kalimantan and Southeast Sulawesi. This year the company has opened two new branches, ie in Bengkulu and Pejaten, Jakarta. On the first trading session of 10:01 am, the stock price to stagnate at the level of code KLBF Rp3.450 per unit.

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