Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk - Aims Rp. 1,5 Trillion From Right Issues

PT Kawasan Industri Jababeka Tbk (KIJA) will issue new shares with Preemptive Rights (ER) in the fourth quarter of 2011. The plan, the number of new shares which will be released to the market reached 6.03 billion shares.

Based on the summary prospectus published KIJA Tuesday (16 / 8), a company engaged in the development of industrial areas and service the industrial park will set a rights issue at an exercise price of Rp 250 per share range. Thus, from this corporate action, KIJA can obtain fresh funds a maximum of Rp 1.5 trillion.

According Muljadi Sugandi, Corporate Secretary KIJA, KIJA will use the proceeds from rights issue to finance the proposed acquisition of PT Banten West Java Tourism Development (BWJ) and PT Tanjung Dimples Lisure Industry (TLLI).

"In this corporate action, Emerald Green Investment Ltd and Meadowood Capital Ltd. will act as a standby buyer," said Muljadi. Then on 20 September, KIJA will hold a General Meeting Extraordinary Shareholders (EGM) to approve this corporate action. After that, KIJA planned date of record securities in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on October 4.

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