Thursday, August 11, 2011

PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Limited - Harvesting New Contract

Boat rental services PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Limited (WINS) is harvesting. This August, the company supporting the offshore transport services is to get two new contracts to increase the coffers of his income.

In the disclosure of information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on Monday (8 / 8), WINS through its subsidiary PT Wintermar awarded a contract from PT Pertamina Upstream Energy Offshore West Madura (PHE WMO). Contract value is estimated to reach U.S. $ 11.3 million.

Under this contract, will provide one unit Wintermar ship type Multi Purpose Supply or Personal Carries class type B. "The contract will be valid in the second half of this year," says Pek Swan Layanto, Investor Relations Wintermar Offshore Marine, the disclosure of information in IDX.

PHE WMO is engaged in exploration and production of oil and gas in Indonesia, and the operator of the West Madura Production Sharing Contract (PSC).

In addition, Wintermar also obtained a three-year contract from West Natuna Transportation System (Wnts). It is a consortium of three international oil and gas company is ConocoPhillips, Energy Star, and Premier Oil.

Wintermar will provide three units of ship types Pipeline Protection Vessels (PPV). All three ships will be used to project high-pressure pipe 28 inches in diameter along the 600 kilometers, from the West Natuna gas fields to Singapore. "This gas field is an important energy source for the industrial complex in Singapore," Pek said Swan. WINS estimated contract value was U.S. $ 12.5 million.

This contract will be valid until July 2011.

This new contract will add a record contract WINS. Until last July, WINS has pocketed 24 tenders with a total contract value of U.S. $ 122 million. The value of this contract exceeded the management target of U.S. $ 93.6 million is planned to be obtained from 42 contracts.

Reza Priyambada, Asset Management Managing Research Indosurya judge, WINS competitive in winning the tender because it had ships a young age. With a younger ship company can be more efficient for both fuel consumption and a faster time in transport.

With the new contract, the revised target Reza. He projected, WINS can achieve an income of Rp 950 billion at the end of this year and net profit of Rp 180 billion. "But it should be noted also how the realization of the contract for this year," he said yesterday.

According to Reza, the time remaining until the end of the year WINS still has the potential to obtain new contracts again.

Healthy finances

Throughout the first six months of this year, WINS is not only diligent in adding new contracts. Issuers who become residents of the shipping market since October 2010 it recorded a performance ciamik well.

Until the end of June 2011, WINS earn income of Rp 472.23 billion. When compared with the achievements in the same period last year amounted to Rp 270.31 billion, revenues grew 74.70%. With that achievement, WINS pocketing a profit growth of 67.65% to Rp 78.63 billion.

Although thin, the company can also arrange debt of 0.95% to Rp 978.03 billion. While equity increased 8.95% to Rp 1.19 trillion. Overall, WINS assets increased 4.32% to Rp 2.17 trillion.

Pek Swan stated previously, the contract will facilitate the achievement of the issuer's growth target of 20% for revenue and 45% for net income.

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