Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Best Companies in Indonesia According Forbes

Forbes Indonesia Indonesia released 10 best-performing companies with sales above $ 1 billion (approximately USD 8.6 trillion). In addition, the magazine also issued a list of 40 best performing companies with sales under $ 1 billion. Both lists, according to Forbes Indonesia, reflecting the 50 best public companies in Indonesia.

"Unlike other lists, we consider many factors, among others, income and long-term sales growth, then metrics such as corporate governance and liquidity. Thus, the two lists actually result in the best of the best because the company that comes in must really have all the best aspects, "said Forbes Chief Editorial Advisor Indonesia Justin Doebele in a release.

He mentioned, with the growing number of middle class in Indonesia, became a huge market for consumer goods products. "So it is not surprising that companies that focus on the retail beat other companies," he said.

At the top of the list of the Top Ten is the Sinar Mas Multiartha which is the parent company of the finance company Sinar Mas Group. Increased demand in the insurance and financial services sector has prompted Sinar Mas Multiartha revenue grew fivefold in the last five years to Rp 14 trillion in 2010, while net income also grew faster.

President Director of Sinar Mas Multiartha Doddy Susanto connect that fact with 90 percent of the company's business is retail and a strategy that puts the company in the right market at the right time.

As for the 40 companies with sales under $ 1 billion, Multistrada Directions Facility occupies the first position. Tire maker is benefiting from its booming car sales and increased sales in international markets.

Here's 10 Best Companies in Indonesia:
1. Sinar Mas Multiartha
2. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia
3. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia
4. Adaro Energy
5. Rogue elephant
6. Indomobil International Success
7. AKR Corporindo
8. Bank Rakyat Indonesia
9. Semen Gresik
10. Indocement

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